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Friday, May 21, 2004
07:16 pm UTC @Creator MightyE Urk
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Urk, what a couple of weeks. I want to formally apologize to all you loyal players (you unloyal ones get only an informal apology) for not being more present the past two weeks. No one sent any GuildWars reviews, so I wasn't able to grace you with the editorial prowess of any other players on this subject. I apologize for that also. I did however get an unsolicited review of LoGD. I got a few emails from players who tinkered with GuildWars while it was available, but nothing in sufficient depth to merit a post here (nor were they intended for such).

You'll notice the server has sped up some recently. This is thanks to the server side optimization of Turck MMCache. For you technocrats, this is a caching engine that intercepts the post-compile PHP scripts, crams them in RAM, and re-serves these next time the same script is requested. The result is that the server is spared the torment of repeatedly reinterpreting and revalidating each PHP script on every page hit. We typically see anywhere from 3-4 hits per second to 10-12 hits per second, depending on the time of day, so although this represents a small amount of work for any given page hit, it represents a significant overall savings on a busy site.

Thanks to JT for picking up the slack on working on the code while I've been busy. But someone please find out where he came up with the name Degolburg =).

Anyhow, I'm going to go have dinner with my wife, and enjoy her company. It helps reduce the random shoulder-launched kitten attacks from her Scratch of Fury 2000 brand kittens. Given the expense of such late model kittenry, it's cheaper just to take her to dinner and satisfy her physical hunger than it is to to satiate her appetite for kittens of mass destruction.

Update by: Crazy Audrey
The Scratch of Fury reference is a PvP Online reference. The story arc begins here and the specific reference comes from somewhere about here. I recommend you read the whole thing and not just go from link to link.

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