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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
12:31 pm UTC @Creator MightyE Guild Wars Monthly Fee
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It should be noted that Guild Wars is the first MMO (to my knowledge) that comes with out any monthly fees. This to me is a highly attractive feature.
09:08 am UTC @Creator MightyE Guild Wars Preview
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For those who didn't know, the Guild Wars E3 for Everyone event went live a day early, so those eagerly awaiting a taste of the up coming MMO had an extra day to try it out (it was not supposed to go live until today). This event runs until Friday some time, and allows you to get a preview of the game some time before the beta starts, for free.

I played this for a couple of hours last night, and had quite a bit of fun with it. I have all kinds of good things to say about this game; it, like City of Heroes, plays much like a single player game, though they also provide significant incentive to take on missions that require a full group, in that these missions are only accessible if you have a group, ala EverQuest's Lost Dungeons expansion. The missions I experienced are more clever and make better use of strategy than the missions in EQ's Lost Dungeons.

The graphics are positively beautiful. They are the best graphics I've personally experienced first-hand in any MMO, and they are as rich for the modern gaming age as the original Unreal's graphics were for that age when it came out. If you do nothing else, find some water. I'm blown away by the water.

The interface is fairly polished for how early the game is in development, and it's certainly very usable, though it could still use improvement. It's better than I expected for the developmental stage the game is in though.

Everyone starts at level 15, and is locked at level 15, just for the sake of this event. You also are born with a set of equipment and skills appropriate for a level 15 character.

My experience in the game was very pleasurable, but I don't have time today to go in to a lengthy play by play of this game like I have done with others. Given the short nature of the E3 for Everyone event, I'd like to solicit reviews from any of you who've played it, and are inclined to write a review about it. Any reviews I feel are insightful and appropriate, I'll post up here for the general enjoyment of the LoGD players.

Update: Send your reviews to [t][r][a][s][h][@][m][i][g][h][t][y][e][.][o][r][g] (minus the []'s)

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