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Thursday, April 29, 2004
08:00 pm UTC @Creator MightyE LoGD Merchandise
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It's something that some of you have been eagerly awaiting while others of you have been indifferent about. Meanwhile I've no doubt that some of you have been actively dreading just because when you talk about 4,000 people who share a common interest, it's inevitable that some people disagree with any decision no matter how little it affects them.

After much procrastination, I'm going to start offering Legend of the Green Dragon merchandise from a CafePress shop in the near future. I debated on this issue with myself for quite some time, because I'm not too keen on commercialization when I'm out to enjoy myself and have a good time. For example, if I was busy playing Unreal Tournament 2004, and there was a billboard in one of the levels encouraging me to purchase UT2004 merchandise, I'd be rather annoyed. "I paid for this game, and you have the audacity to exploit that to advertise your wares?" I'd rhetorically ask the imaginary Epic Megagames employees who would be sitting behind me admiring my prowess with the Raptor.

So along the same lines, I've been resistant to the idea of putting merchandise on lotgd.net. Some months back, I casually mentioned this to one of my friends, and they pointed out to me that by not offering merchandise, I was actually denying those players who would want such merchandise the opportunity to partake in it. Not being able to deny this logic, and recognizing that the worst possible harm that could come from offering it was that the community would lose faith in me as a fine upstanding citizen, seeing me more as a sweaty-toothed madman with a stare that pounds your brain. edit: made this more readable -- The accuracy of this observation becomes a win for me even in the worst case scenario. Why? Because it eliminates this misconception that's been adopted by a few of you that I actually own any quantity of the substance we call sanity in a sufficient amounts as to be measurable by modern scientific instruments. Red-bellied flirbble syrup. 7 kapow!

The art on the merchandise is created by yours truly, if you'll recall I'd tried having a contest looking for art, but I wasn't particularly struck by any of the results, so I tried my own hand at it. The results weren't as bad as I expected, so I think they're probably ready for public consumption.

I don't expect items in the shop to sell like hotcakes, I'll be surprised if I sell a dozen things in the first month, but at least that's a dozen of you who are happy with something else I've done, and have let me invade yet another aspect of your life. I tried to make available as wide a selection as I could because I've no idea what your purchasing habits are, and one item that I actually offered to bet with neXus on not ever selling, one of our admins said she herself would buy one (independant of our bet). So because of that, there's some wierd things in the store, including baby items. I didn't put it there because I expect anyone to buy one of everything, but rather I put it there because perhaps it's just the thing to buy for your friend as a gag gift.

Expect to see the link to the available merchandise in the very near future, I'm going to try to put it on here right after I'm done writing this blog entry, but there's a marked difference between the version of code on this server and the version on my development server as I tinker with things that are not ready for here yet, so I don't want to ignore the possibility that things blow up when I put it in place, and I have to take it right down again. The link should appear at the bottom of the Village Square, and on the login screen. The placement in the village will probably change, I just haven't properly reconciled the conflicting goals of finding an appropriately visible spot, which is also being relatively invisible.

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