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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
03:57 pm UTC @Creator MightyE MightyE on Nickelodeon
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Doesn't this guy totally look like me?

This is english teacher / vice principal Mr. Lancer from Danny Phantom on Nickelodeon. For those of you who *don't* know me, that's basically what I look like. Only less pointy on the tip of my chin. And yeah, I basically look that angry all the time.

01:31 pm UTC @Creator MightyE LoGD City
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I'm going to take a few minutes to describe something that's been happening on our alpha servers, but which was really designed with lotgd.net in mind, and which will probably be turned off on those servers when the time comes that the code is ready for central.

First I want to describe the problem I'm trying to solve, which will help you understand where I'm coming from when I try to overcome it. Central is a popular server, and you guys are all great players, but we have the small issue that as it gets bigger and becomes more popular, the signal to noise ratio goes way down, particularly in places like the village square. What this means is that so much chatter can happen here particularly at peak times that any one person is simply drowned out in the wash of other commentary. Our moderators are very diligent in stripping out the pure noise that they see, but this only helps to a certain level since there's so many signals at once, and the ones you're not interested in are still noise to you.

So what I'm working on (and mind you, I'm not 100% certain that it'll work as I expect, so it may never come to fruition) is subdividing the world in to various other parts. For the moment, we have 4 races, and my plan is to offer a village for each race. Choosing that race when you first create your character will start you out in the world in the appropriate village. Not all of the ammenities that you currently see in the village will be available in your home village, but enough will be there that you'll be able to conduct a complete dragon kill with out ever leaving the comforts of fetid Glukmoore, pristine Glorfindal, mighty Romar, or ancient Qexelcrag. However, if you choose such a life of solitude, you'll find that you're unable to participate in certain things that are commonly viewed as a right of passage for many players.

As we add races, they'll get their own village, or perhaps share a village with another race, depending on if we're looking to expand the world versus just add more racial options.

Tieing all the villages together will be a capital city. I haven't figured out a name for this yet (Eythgim is out, we can't be killing Eythgimians in the forest, particularly of the royal sort if that's our capital). The capital will offer the most ammenities, but will lack a couple of essential things, such as a forest.

Traveling from any village to the capital is a fairly safe trip, though you do run some risk of encountering creatures intent on blocking your passage. You may be engaged in more than one consecutive fight in the process, so you should make sure you're ready to take on the challenge. Traveling from one village directly to another village is a much riskier business though as these roads are less traveled. It's possible to make even this trip with out encountering briggands, but you really should be ready for a possibly deadly experience.

The end result of all of this is a game world that is larger. If you want to participate in everything that the world has to offer, you'll have to be quite the nomad, but you'll not be required to travel at all if you are willing to give up access to things that are provided only in another place. It should add richness and depth which hopefully improves the overall game experience.

Don't expect to see it on this server in the immediate future, there's still a number of technical challenges to overcome, but I thought some of you would be interested in knowing what my current project is.

12:26 pm UTC @Creator MightyE Happy BDay JCP
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Since it seems my blog space is immune to the AOLisms that are JCP's birthday present, I'll first say, Happy Birthday bud, thanks for all your hard work and dedication. If anything can better repay your efforts, I can think of nothing better than many thousands of dollars. Failing that though, I thought I'd make your day a positive nightmare in a gesture of friendly ribbing that no doubt goes a few steps over the line.

For those who positively hate this, I'll remind you that you have the option of turning off the holiday translations in your preferences page. Of course those with an eye to read code can view HTML source on that page and see exactly what I think of such people in the name I gave to the preference.

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