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Friday, April 09, 2004
01:27 pm UTC @Creator MightyE 38 Reasons Why I'm Old
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Every couple of weeks, I encounter something that makes me feel officially old (I'm after all a full quarter century old!). Here are 38 of them. Of course some of those actually describe me, so nyaa nyaa to you older fogies.
10:40 am UTC @Creator MightyE Firefly
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Have you heard of the single-season series that aired on Fox called Firefly? If not, I recommend you spend some time and acquaint yourself with this series. For whatever mysterious Fox Executive Reasons (FER), the series was canceled after it's first season. Fox moves in mysterious ways, and these ways have nothing to do with quality programming, as was evident with the crappy treatment Futurama got. This show is one of the most original shows I've seen in a long time.

Fortunately, you can obtain a copy of the complete first season through the link above from Amazon for about $35. That's (I think) 16 episodes of high quality programming. Of course, this blog sounds somewhat like a paid advertisement, and I must admit to having an alterior motive which has nothing to do with making a commission on the sales of this DVD (which I'm not). Rather, my motivation is personal. I'm hoping that if sales of the DVDs take off in some reasonable fashion, the Greediness Factor (GF) will outweigh the FER on this issue, and the show will get some new seasons.

This show has the potential to go down in history as one of the greatest shows of its time. Much like the original Star Trek has placed an eternal footprint on how television of its own future was going to be shaped, Firefly was poised to make an impact on how we view life and television from now on out.

Now if you don't believe me, here's a more reputable source: PvP Online:
Strip 1
Strip 2
Strip 3
Strip 4
Or perhaps you're more comfortable with Real Life Comics' comic on it.

I don't know, but I do know that if you are in to sci fi on any level (including Star Trek), or even westerners, or pessimistic views of the future, then Firefly is probably worth staying up all night and calling in to work sick the next day for. Even if you're in to those other things, but aren't really a pessimist, Firefly does a good job of mixing pessimism with optimism. Basically for the people on the ship, the universe has gone very sour, but they're making a good life of it anyhow.

They pay attention to a lot of interesting details that previous sci fi shows didn't. For example, there's no sound in space. That's just how it is. Superimposing engine noises and booms from explosions doesn't make it more realistic, it makes it less so. That gives the space sequences an oddly otherworldly feel, which is very very right. You'd think that a show having whole minutes of complete silence might get boring or old, but it doesn't. They know when there's too much silence, and fill it with an incredible original soundtrack which integrates seamlessly with the feel of the show.

If you know someone who owns these DVD's, borrow them, or better yet, buy them to show your support.

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